Job well done
Michael was very detailed, he went through everything with us. I walked with him throughout the house as he was inspecting it. I did not have a inspector lined up , so it was a gamble, and I won. I read other people’s reviews , and decided to send an email. He was very quick to reply. Friendly and a pleasure to work with. You need not to look any further.


Very Professional Job by the inspector.
Our inspector was very thorough. He took his time and really found a lot of things for us to consider. Realistically what I now have is a punch list for me to get taken care when we move in. I would highly recommend Inspector Neto to anyone.


Great Inspector!~!~! Very RESPECTFUL!
Inspector Neto was very respectful when he came in the house. He called before he was on his way to make sure we were OK and were able to still make it. He gave us a great price on both houses we had him inspect. I was able to feel comfortable purchasing the home that I did because of the inspection results I had. I knew going into the house it was going to need some work but Inspector Neto was able to give me the NEED to fix right away and informed me on what I could let slide if the money was not there. I gave him a 5 star rating because of the amount of respect he showed me and my wife and the concerns he had for the home we were going to be living with our family!